About Dr. Ka‘ōnohi

Dr Kaonohi

Honorary co-chairs Dr. Charman Akina & Aunty Aggie Cope and Papa Ola Lōkahi board of directors invite you to the 2011 Ka‘ōnohi Awards on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at the Waikīkī Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.

The Ka‘ōnohi Awards have been presented by Papa Ola Lōkahi since 1994 to individuals who have made significant contributions to the health, healing, wellness of Native Hawaiians and their families.

The award is given in honor of Dr. Alexander Ka‘ōnohi, a naturopathic physician, pharmacist and botanist, descended from a long line of healers, who integrated western and traditional practices into his daily healing work.

Alexander Friedenburg Ka‘ohi‘ai Ka‘ōnohi

The award is named for Dr. Alexander Friedenburg Ka‘ōhi‘ai Ka‘ōnohi (1905-1960). Dr. Ka‘ōnohi was graduated from the ICS School of Pharmacy and the Standard College of Chiropractic and Naturopathic College in Chicago.  He came from a long line of kāhuna lā‘au lapa‘au and was trained in Hawaiian healing arts.  He pioneered the integration of traditional and western healing practices to provide care for native Hawaiians.

Dr. Ka‘ōnohi ran his own clinic in Kapāhulu, where patients often left fruit, sugar cane or rice in lieu of money. His son Alika tells us that his father often waived fees altogether for patients who could not afford care.  Fortunately, his mother, who paid the clinic bills, was an understanding woman.

Combining his pharmaceutical training and his traditional knowledge of lā‘au, Dr. Ka‘ōnohi classified more than 240 herbs found in Hawai‘i for use in naturopathic healing. He also recognized that there were few Hawaiians in health care, so Dr. Ka‘ōnohi personally sponsored several through medical and nursing school.

The Ka‘ōnohi Award is now presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to health, healing & well-being of Native Hawaiians and their families.

E komo mai!